Mobile Warsaw on tour

  • 17th of December 2013


Maciej Oczko

iOS developer, currently works at Polidea. Focused on writing good and clean code, interested in new developer tools, recently fan of agile software development methodologies.

Maciej Górski

Maciej is a passionate developer, but also a conference wanderer: during this year, he spent more time listening (and sometimes speaking) to people during various conferences and meetups on topics mostly related to mobile and Java Eee, than sitting and coding behind his desk. For a couple of months now, he is in love with the new Android API for maps, which resulted in a birth of a small library called Android Maps Extensions. He started his hobby when a series of articles about Pascal “Nie tylko gramy” appeared in a computer magazine CD-Action. Apart from programming, he avoids computers and prefers to bike.

Agenda and venue

Agenda and venue

  • 7.00 pm-7.15 pm


  • 7.15 pm-8.00 pm

    Maciej Oczko: What about dependency injection on iOS?

  • 8.00 pm-8.45 pm

    Maciej Górski: Handy extensions to maps on Android

  • 8.45 pm-...


Incognito Bar
Peowiaków 3, Lublin
17th of December 2013
7.00 pm