Mobile Warsaw on tour

  • 3rd of December 2013


Maciej Oczko

iOS developer, currently works at Polidea. Focused on writing good and clean code, interested in new developer tools, recently fan of agile software development methodologies.

Marcin Korniluk

Computer graphics enthusiast. Graduate of Warsaw University of Technology. Author of Ghurund Engine and several graphics-related whitepapers.Works with Android and Unity3D as a senior software developer in Polidea. Loves custom UI components, multimedia projects and OpenGL graphics.

Agenda and venue

Agenda and venue

  • 7.00 pm-7.15 pm


  • 7.15 pm-8.00 pm

    Maciej Oczko: What about dependency injection on iOS?

  • 8.00 pm-8.45 pm

    Marcin Korniluk: Game coder in the world of Android UI

  • 8.15 pm-...


Miejski Punkt Kultury PREXER-UŁ
Pomorska 39, Lódź
3rd of December 2013
7.00 pm