Mobile Warsaw

  • 24th of July 2017


Tomasz Gębarowski

Software Engineer, currently at mBank. Working full time in Swift. Having the background in C/C++ and distributed VoIP servers. Experienced in maintaining large and long term projects. Privately father of two kids and LEGO enthusiast.

Jakub Turek

Jakub builds iOS apps at EL Passion. He is a native Swift speaker, who also happens to be fluent in Python. He is particularly interested in making all the things functional and unit testing them to the core. You can check out his works at

Agenda and venue

Agenda and venue

  • 18:30


  • ~18:45

    Tomasz GębarowskiSwift at Scale

  • ~19:30

    Jakub TurekUI testing iOS apps for humans

  • ~20:15


ul. Bielańska 1
24th of July 2017
6.30 pm