Mobile Warsaw

  • 20th of June 2016


Antonina Tkachuk

I’m an Android Developer, writing code for living and for fun. Love beautiful apps with a clean code inside. Whenever the urge comes, I share my knowledge on Currently working at Mobica Ltd.

Łukasz Mróz

Apple geek. Fell in love with Swift at first commit. Always be learning is his life motto. Recently fascinated with everything that’s reactive. His programming adventure started with PHP. Creates awesome iOS apps at Droids on Roids in Wrocław.

Agenda and venue

Agenda and venue

  • 18:00


  • ~18:15

    Antonina TkachukAndroid Support Library

  • ~19:15

    Łukasz MrózFlexible networking in Swift

  • ~20:00


ul. Hoża 51
20th of June 2016
6.00 pm