Mobile Warsaw

  • 18th of December 2017


Arkadiusz Kołacz

Game programmer and team lead in Huuuge Games. Passionate about mobile games and portable code. Favorite language? Of course C++ 😉 In spare time building own engines or games and enjoying showing world of programming in Scratch, Swift and C++ to his 7 years old son.

Piotr Adamczak

I called myself Digital Indiana because for most of the time I feel like a digital Indiana Jones. From time to time I squash some bugs (in code) and I try to avoid traps (by testing). Overcoming challenges is what drives me. So far, 6 years in iOS development. I’ve got a huge passion to travel.

Agenda and venue

Agenda and venue

  • 18:30


  • ~18:45

    Arkadiusz KołaczLet’s build a game engine

  • ~19:30

    Piotr AdamczakMocking server data in iOS (not only) for UI Tests

  • ~20:15


ul. Hoża 51
18th of December 2017
6.30 pm