Mobile Warsaw

  • 23th of November 2015


Arkadiusz Holko

iOS developer at Macoscope.
Makes OSS and writes about software.
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Karol Kowalski

Karol began his journey into the world of developers two years ago. From the very first day he learned best practices from Uncle Bob and after one year, he took a fancy to Groovy and Android development in ElPassion. In everyday work he focuses on a testable code and new technologies.

Agenda and venue

Agenda and venue

  • 18:30


  • ~19:00

    Arkariusz HolkoTaming Core Data

  • ~19:45

    Karol KowalskiApproaching testable code on Android

  • ~20:30

    Networking and maybe some flash talks?

ul. Hoża 51
23th of November 2015
6.30 pm