Mobile Warsaw

  • 20nd of July 2015


Alexey Denisov

iOS Developer since 2010, Clang committer since 2015, OSS fan, blogging at

Paweł Gajda

Android Developer, laureate of the national finals of Microsoft Imagine Cup 2013. Associated with Android since 2010, when platform was taking its first steps. Enthusiast of JetBrains products (mainly IntelliJ IDEA). Student at Military University of Technology. After-hours blogger, indie game developer and amateur runner.

Adrian Kashivskyy

Adrian is an iOS developer and designer with almost 6 years of experience in crafting iOS applications. He designed and developed 4 App Store applications by the age of 16, and contributed to a number of popular open-source projects. Apple and Ubisoft fanboy, loves new and ambitious challenges. In his spare time, he really enjoys laughing a lot, baking and laughing even more.

Agenda and venue

Agenda and venue

  • 18:30


  • ~18:45

    Alexey DenisovMagic Behind Xcode. Compilation.

  • ~19:30

    Paweł GajdaKotlin for Android

  • ~20:15

    Adrian KashivskyyHidden gems in Swift

  • ~20:45


ul. Lwowska 17
20nd of July 2015
6.30 pm