Mobile Warsaw

  • 25th of May 2015


Marcin Krzyżanowski

Marcin is a Polish software developer who left enterprise business solutions for the world of mobile. In his day job, he discover the new way to email with Mailcloud. Before this, he worked on payments, messaging, publishing and finance software. With a head full of ideas, Marcin spends his spare time creating new projects, and contributing back to the OSS community. Recent projects include Natalie Storyboard Code Generator, ObjectivePGP and CryptoSwift, his well known Swift cryptography library

Maciek Górski

Maciej is a passionate Android developer. He cares about writing cleaner code and less amount of it. He is spending time to automate things to save even more time. He also bikes a lot and would love to be able to code while doing it… using only mind controlled wearables or bikeables.

Agenda and venue

Agenda and venue

  • 18:30-18:45


  • 18:45-19:30

    Marcin KrzyżanowskiCrypto? Been there, done that

  • 19:45-20:30

    Maciek GórskiExpressive functional testing with Espresso

  • 20:30


Crux Cafe
Hoża 51, 00-681 Warszawa
25th of May 2015
6.30 pm