Mobile Warsaw

  • 17th of November 2014


Michał Tajchert

GDG organizer, Android developer, day to day works at Polidea. Created lots of awesome projects, and developed tons of mobile apps that make his ideas come true. Over a year in wearables programming since Sony smartwatches, and Google Glass - lately focusing developing efforts on the Android Wear platform.

Cyril Lashkevich

Cyril @notorca Lashkevich is a post-modern software engineer working on low-level of applied systems. His current focus activity is digital signal processing and networking in VoIP. iOS Solution Architect of Viber - popular free VoIP and messaging mobile application.

Agenda and venue

Agenda and venue

  • 18:45-19:00


  • 19:00-19:45

    Michał TajchertHow to start with Android Wear, and not fail

  • 20:00-20:45

    Cyril LashkevichThe Viber iOS client under the hood.

  • 20:45


Crux Cafe
Hoża 51, 00-681 Warszawa
17th of November 2014
6.30 pm