Mobile Warsaw

  • 22nd of September 2014


Staś Małolepszy

Staś Małolepszy calls his role at Mozilla ‘localizabilizer’, a self-appointed job title meant to emphasize the importance of making software localizable in today’s world. Once a translator himself, he now works with hundreds of volunteers around the globe — an open-source community, which continues to deliver top-quality localization of Firefox in nearly 100 locales to over 400 million users worldwide. Staś’ current focus is Firefox OS and L20n, a new paradigm-shifting localization platform and programming language from Mozilla.

Mateusz Harasymczuk

I help my colleagues to learn and adopt CI, CD, TDD, Atlassian, Developer Tools and agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban.

Agenda and venue

Agenda and venue

  • 18:45-19:00


  • 19:00-19:45

    Staś MałolepszyLive debugging and localization in Firefox OS

  • 20:00-20:45

    Mateusz HarasymczukBranch Management

  • 20:45


Nowy Świat 27
22nd of September 2014
6.30 pm