Mobile Warsaw

  • 25st of August 2014


Robb Böhnke

Robb is a freelance developer from Berlin who writes iOS apps for a living. He’s a passionate long sleeper who prefers cats over dogs. One day he will hire a professional to write his bio for him, but this day is not today.

Ash Furrow

Ash Furrow is a Canadian iOS developer and author currently living in Amsterdam. He has published four books, many apps, and is a contributor to the open source community.

Agenda and venue

Agenda and venue

  • 19:00-19:15


  • 19:15-20:00

    Robb BöhnkeAccessibility

  • 20:15-21:00

    Ash FurrowReactiveCocoa

  • 21:00


Stacja Mercedes
corner of 3 Maja and Kruczkowskiego
25st of August 2014
7.00 pm