Mobile Warsaw

  • 21st of July 2014


Przemek Jakubczyk

At Applause I am putting ideas into life by developing sensitive Android library. As the author of RoboSpock I really believe in unit tests and with positive energy spread the idea. Along with unit testing I am always involved in Continuous Integration tools and delivery processes.

Maciej Górski

Maciej is a passionate developer, but also a conference wanderer - during the last year, he spent more time listening (and sometimes speaking) to people during various conferences and meetups on topics mostly related to mobile and Java Eee, than sitting and coding behind his desk. He likes open source. Last year he worked at lot with the new Android API for maps, which resulted in the birth of a small library called Android Maps Extensions. This year he is working on Hrisey, a new kind of anti-boilerplate tool. When he’s not programming, Maciej avoids computers and prefers to bike.

Agenda and venue

Agenda and venue

  • 18:30-18:45


  • 18:45-19:30

    Maciej GórskiBoiling out Boilerplate - Android development

  • 19:45-20:30

    Przemek JakubczykAndroid Accounts and Sync

  • 20:30


Ul. Cegłowska 29
21st of July 2014
6.30 pm