Mobile Warsaw

  • 22nd of April 2013


Krzysztof Zabłocki

Passionate programmer since he was 8, created Foldify/ Bord and many other apps, blogs at Started to program in Polidea more than 3 years ago, working on various apps - ranging from enterprise apps to game and enterprise apps. Currently lives in London and works for The App Business.

Bartosz Ciechanowski

iOS developer, creator of Punch a Hole, passionate programmer, runner. Currently works at Macoscope building many different products.

Agenda and venue

Agenda and venue

  • 6.30 pm-6.45 pm


  • 6.45 pm-7.30 pm

    When UIKit is not enough

  • 7.30 pm-8.15 pm

    Foldify - story and technical details of the biggest App Store success from the last months

  • 8.15 pm-...


Crux Cafe
Hoża 51, 00-681 Warszawa
22nd of April 2013
6.30 pm